Renato Pereira
Researcher & Programmer

About Me

This is me, as a giraffe!

I am a generalist software engineer who loves web development, machine learning and games. I have a lot of experience with Python and NodeJS for desktop tools and back-end services, and I am an expert on the front-end, especially with SPA frameworks like AngularJS and VueJS.


small board game
: Board game made for Ludum Dare. site
: This website. =)

oiwarren site
: An easy and intuitive Brazilian investment plaftorm.

behavior3 tool
: Behavior tree editor and libraries.

statejs library
: A library for multi-agent state machines.

democracy game
: Democracy game for Ludum Dare.

baa ram ewe game
: Baa ram ewe game for Ludum Dare.

love craft game
: Love craft game for Ludum Dare.

beneath the sea game
: Beneath the sea game for Ludum Dare.

creatine library
: My game engine developed over CreateJS.

liac chess tool
: A chess tool for bots, developed for the UFRGS AI undergrad class.

psi robotics tool
: A component-based tool to assist the development of robotics experiments.

aerolito library
: A chatter language to replace AIML.

liac arff library
: The python library to parse and dump ARFF files.


Software Engineer OiWarren | 2015-present

Working as a full-stack developer to build an accessible investment platform for web and mobile. In this position, I am making a heavy use of AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJs, KeystoneJs and MongoDB.

Freelance Programmer Home | Since 2010

I have been working as a freelancer since my undergrad school. Some of the project I have done include an e-commerce in the "deal-of-the-day" model for a small Brazilian group, and a web tool for Hanson Robotics.

Software Engineer JPTrends | 2009-2010

In JP Trends, I worked with web development using PHP and C#, and iPhone app development using Objective-C. The projects include online traffic systems and token generators for iPhone. Within the development process, I also learned Scrum, TDD, test analysis, and other agile concepts.


[unfinished] Ph.D. in Computer Science UFRGS | 2013-2016

All but disseration, Main project using Reinforcement Learning and Behavior Trees for constrained agents in games and robotics. I also worked with general data science, probabilistic models, and incremental and online machine learning. UFRGS's informatics institute is ranked as one of the top 5 computer science graduate programs in Brazil.

M.Sc. in Computer Science UFRGS | 2011-2013

I proposed a probabilistic hierarchical and incremental neural network based on Gaussian mixture models. By learning inputs from multiple domain (e.g., sonar and motor reading) as low-level concepts, the model was able to learn abstract behaviors and be applied to robot control. UFRGS's informatics institute is ranked as one of the top 5 computer science graduate programs in Brazil.

B.Sc. in Computer Science UNIVEM | 2007-2010

Undergraduate research on neural networks and final project on the application of an artificial immunological system to control the waves in a simple tower defense game. I also won the 1st and 2nd place in the university programming marathon, in 2007 and 2011, respectively.


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